What a week!

Well, as promised, I did get a few things done this week! Now you will see a drop-down menu from the Sterling Silver & Designer Jewelry section, which was the largest section, and somewhat hard to get around in. Still working on the time consuming for a somewhat computer illiterate gal! Had to read tutorials, and watch videos you know! Anyhow, also noticeable is the new "recently viewed treasures" at the bottom of every page....for your convenience. Will be working on, as well, a "continue shopping" button at the cart. I also plan on posting some treasures I picked up here next week! I will be starting a new idea on my blog. If you see something in my pile of treasures pictures, or my recently made, but not yet posted pictures, you will receive a 30% discount off the list price, if you "call dibs" prior to my doing all the work! A BONUS for both of us! Well, time to get my things ready for work tomorrow.......that is my "other" job, outside the home! Catch up with everyone again on Tuesday!

Have a wonderful weekend........

Debbie <3

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