Happy BIRTHDAY March Babies!

March.......Your month has 2 birthstones....... the Aquamarine and the Bloodstone.


Aquamarines vary in color from deep blue to blue-green of different intensities, caused by traces of iron in the beryl crystal. Naturally occurring deep blue stones are the most prized because they are rare and expensive. Aquamarines have a rich color and has long been a symbol of youth, health and hope. Its mesmerizing color ranges from pale to deep blue and are reminiscent of the sea. A perfect birthstone for March, it creates a beautiful accent to spring and summer wardrobes.


The second birthstone for March is Bloodstone, a dark-green stone flecked with vivid red spots of iron oxide. ... Bloodstone is sometimes also known as another name, Blood Jasper. But really these stones are chalcedony, a crypto crystalline quartz.

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