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Sterling Silver 18K Gold Multi Gemstone Earrings

One of a Kind Hard to Find

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Sterling Silver 18K Gold Multi Gemstone Earrings


A veritable garden of gemstones in these stunning dangle earrings. Featuring amethyst, peridot, garnet, topaz, chalcedony, carnelian and apatite, each earring has a line of brightly colored oval and round gemstones secured within an ellipse of 18k gold plated sterling silver, evoking a vine in full bloom.

Each earring dangles from an 18k gold plated sterling silver hook.

Weight: 0.25 oz

Earring size: 2.4" L x 1" W

Materials: 18k gold plated 925 silver, amethyst, peridot, garnet, blue topaz, chalcedony, carnelian, apatite

Brand new artisan crafted.

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