July 2017 Artist of the Month

Barbara Alqueseva-Paletta

Barbara Alqueseva-Paletta started teaching herself how to make rosaries about 5 years ago from her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has always loved the rosary. She finds it meaningful and beautiful. One day she said to herself, "I can make one of these!" And though she had some difficulty at times, her desire to make them prevailed. Today she makes them not only beautiful, but strong, using a very strong wire in her designs. She says she found that with God's grace each one is different and beautiful, just like each one of us! She felt happy with what she could do, and has not stopped since.

Barbara's designs have expanded to included Rosary Chaplets, Rosary Wrap-around Bracelets (memory wire), and Divine Mercy Chaplets.

Barbara often has people tell her that not only are her pieces beautiful, they are made well, and they are amazed that she taught herself to make them! She has a shop on Etsy at:


With God's grace and guidance she will continue to create his designs for people to own and enjoy! <3