June 2017 Artist of the Month

George A. Newman

A gifted artist and talented designer. June 2017's featured artist of the month is George A. Newman. George is a very talented Dichroic/Fused Glass artist out of Florida. He has been making jewelry ever since he first took classes in college years ago.

Most of his glass pieces are set in silver solder. Silver solder is .888 genuine silver. He also uses Argentium wire, which is 93.5% sterling silver, or .935. He uses it by creating a 3-strand twisted wire, which he then twists until it looks like a rope. All of his earrings have either sterling silver ear wires, or 14K Gold filled. The shark tooth necklaces are very special. George calls them "The Circle of Life". They are created by shaping and polishing bone. He then adds the symbol of strength.....the shark tooth. 

George does not recommend using cleaners to clean his jewelry, rather Sudsy Ammonia, if you have a Sonic cleaner, set on 5A, on one side, and clear water on the other. Run for 15 minutes, take out and put in clear water for 5 minutes, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Or you can use a jewelry polishing cloth. It will shine any jewelry!

George truly makes his jewelry pieces with love! <3

He sells locally in his hometown at artisan shows and fairs, as well as on Facebook, where he can be found at FB.com/glasswondersbygeorge