Artisan Crafted Large Sterling Silver Orthoceras Fossil Pendant

Artisan Crafted

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Artisan Crafted Large Sterling Silver Orthoceras Fossil Pendant

This large, unique, one of a kind pendant, has been oxidized to give it an aged look, to match the uniqueness of the 400 million year old fossil. Because it is black and white, and all shades in between, it will go with just about everything.

  • Pendant of .925 sterling silver with natural Orthoceras.
  • Materials: .925 Sterling Silver/Natural Orthoceras Fossil
  • Length of pendant: 68 mm or approximately 2 5/8 inches
  • Weight: Just over 20 grams

Orthoceras  ("straight horn") or Orthocerata is a genus of extinct Cephalopod mollusks. Orthoceras had long shells, the length of which could reach up to 2 m. These creatures died out 200 to 400 million years ago. It is believed that the Orthoceras acts as a kind of mediator that balances human nature with the earth. According to some beliefs, Orthoceras helps to increase the life expectancy of the owner, helps to harmonize emotions, making his possessor a more confident person.

Brand new artisan crafted.

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