Pepi Sterling Silver Tree of Life Ring R075


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Pepi Sterling Silver Tree of Life Ring R075

The Magical Tree grows in the center of Annwn, (Annwfn, or Annwfyn was the Otherworld in Welsh mythology. Ruled by Arawn, it was essentially a world of delights and eternal youth where disease was absent and food was ever-abundant) and is the first Tree of Creation. This tree is alive with Song, Dance, and Merry Making. As a symbol of this belief the Bards of ancient Ireland wore a "musical silver branch" as an insignia. Each silver branch was said to be a casting of the original branch of Dana. Even the Kings bowed before the Bards who wore the silver branch of the Great Tree, alive and singing in the center of Annwn, the Realm of the Fairies.

3/8" at the widest part.

A Chris Bennett design actualized by Pepi Cpyr 2004.

Setting measures approximately 3/8 x 3/4 inch.

Ring measures just over a size 7 1/2 on my mandrel.

Brand new. Retail $49.

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